Back to School Blues – Denim Style!

School starts for many people this week.  Whoa!  It was move-in weekend at a university near where I live and the traffic was pandemonium.  I had the misfortune of running errands in several stores, sigh.  Amid the congestion in the check out lines and store shelves that were nearly empty, I thought there had to … Continue Reading

Back to School – For the Legendary Guys!

It’s about that time of year again when school-aged people give a collective groan because they know what’s coming.  Summer days are winding down and that means Back to School season is upon us.  Parents will hurriedly shop for school supplies and clothing and all the other necessities in preparation for the big first day. … Continue Reading

Weekend Roundup….and a Preview of Things to Come!

I know it’s Tuesday so technically this post should be yesterday – but I’ve been out of town.  Yesterday I was at the doctor.  MS needs constant maintenance, oy vey, very constant maintenance.  I’m lucky that my doctor is amazing, he listens, and he isn’t even kind of surprised by what I tell him.  It … Continue Reading

Kale or Collard or Lettuce Wraps

Wraps are a summer go-to for a quick meal.  Anything you like (or imagine) can go in a wrap.  I think they’re easier to eat than a sandwich because the filling is better contained in the wrap.  However, I’m not a huge fan of the overlapping pieces of tortilla at the seams of the wrap … Continue Reading