Edible “Flower” Arrangements

I love cupcakes and I love flowers.  If I had to choose, I think I would choose cupcakes.  However the marrying of the two together is my favorite.  A while back I made cupcake flower arrangements for a yummy pick-me-up for a friend.  It was the best of two worlds in my book.  They are … Continue Reading

High School Reunion

My high school reunion is coming up on Saturday.  It doesn’t matter what year, and no, I don’t have to say my age.  I graduated from a small, rural high school in the south.  With the reunion fast approaching, I started thinking about high school and growing up in general.  As you grow, you change … Continue Reading

Wedding Shower Part II: The How-To

This is a followup to the surprise wedding shower post from yesterday.  Our shower theme is rustic elegance.  You may recycle old/used items for cost savings and sentimental wow factor.  The entire shower can be held for less than $50 with a 20 person guest list so it is affordable for all budgets.  Let’s get … Continue Reading

It’s an Effortless Girl Wedding Surprise Shower on Rising!

This morning was full of surprises!  We threw an Effortless Girl wedding shower for WCCB’s Kaitlin Cody this morning on WCCB Rising.  Kaitlin is getting married very soon and well wishes are in order.  The shower followed the typical Effortless Girl theme – low cost and easy effort, but still with a major dose of WOW! … Continue Reading