Effortless Fourth of July on Wednesday’s Rising!

Calling all Effortless Girls!  Tune in Wednesday morning July 1st to Charlotte’s WCCB News Rising for easy and super fun ways to celebrate the Fourth of July!  Join us for a red, white, and blue bash for every budget and pick up simple tips that will make your independence day one for the history books!  The Effortless … Continue Reading

July 4th Bunting for Less than $1!

This is going to be quick, quick to write and quick to make.  July 4th is coming up in a few days.  Planning a get together is time consuming and pricey.  Decorations are the last thing you need to stress.  Your gathering doesn’t have to be super fancy to be super great, so make some … Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day!

This weekend is Father’s Day.  I think dads are pretty important people.   Just for fun I googled “the role of father’s in child development.”  I found that organizations fund years of studies on this point.  I also found it crazy to waste money on something that is basic common sense (but that’s another column).  Anyway, … Continue Reading

Think About Things that are Good

This week has been challenging.  Actually, that’s being really diplomatic.  This isn’t a banner week.  I’m a mess.  I don’t even qualify to be a hot mess – just a big mess.  I’ll admit that I’ve had moments of extreme self-pity followed by moments of stress eating (McDonald’s fries aren’t really even that good).  It’s … Continue Reading