It’s World MS Day!

Today is World MS Day.  I’m not really excited about it because who celebrates MS? Maybe I would be more excited if I didn’t get strep throat over the weekend, but probably not.  MS is gross.  The video below is great and professionally produced though…so check it out and raise some awareness. World MS Day … Continue Reading

Chocolate Graduation Cap Pops!

Last Graduation Post (I promise) – In my opinion, there’s no better treat than chocolate.  Chocolate is a great way to say thank you, I love you, or Congratulations!  It is an all purpose treat.  So what better grand finale to a scholastic career than a gift of graduation chocolate? The best part of these … Continue Reading

Graduation Grub – Food for a Perfect Graduation Party

Graduation party food doesn’t have  to be expensive or take time.  I like short preparations and easy cleanups, don’t you?  Let me help you.  These party snacks will take you under 15 minutes and you don’t have to turn on the oven (if you don’t want to).  Here we go… Easy Party Snacks I’ll start … Continue Reading

Diploma Napkins and Grad Cap Bowls

Continuing with the Graduation week theme…let’s start with the tableware!  Simple decorations have the ability to transform a “meh” party to a marvelous party.  These decorations use plain materials either you already have or will purchase for the party anyway, so the cost is negligible.  My cost was literally pennies.  Here’s how –   Diploma … Continue Reading