Effortless Spring Break on WCCB Rising April 1st (it’s no joke)!!

Stumped for how to spend an entire week with the kids at home during spring break?  Check out effortless spring break ideas Wednesday morning April 1st on WCCB Rising.  Join us for the Effortless Girl segment during the 8:30 am hour and learn about fun things for kids to eat, play, and even clean their rooms! … Continue Reading

Fun Spring Cleaning – In Color!

It’s spring and for many that means time to get rid of the dust and clutter that builds up during the shut in winter months.  Organizing can be a daunting task.  Finding a good place to put things or something to put them in can be a real challenge.  There are some inexpensive tricks you … Continue Reading

Effortless Playroom Cleanup

Playing can get messy!  Between markers, paint, glitter, glue, and bubbles (and don’t forget the drinks and snacks); there is always the potential for huge messes.  Make life easier for yourself once the inevitable call for help comes by placing a quick paper towel roll near the play area.  Using this method, in seconds you … Continue Reading

Egg-cellent Easter Eggs!

I like hard boiled eggs.  Deviled eggs can be a little heavy.  Nevertheless, eggs are a great source of protein and a staple of the spring Easter season.  I thought about making a healthier version of the original deviled egg which incorporates Omega 3 rich avocado.  It’s time to make colorful deviled eggs with a … Continue Reading