Edible Valentine’s Roses – Delicious & Good for You!

Okay…this is the last Valentine’s post.  This healthy is a healthy and easy appetizer for those with sugar and chocolate overload or someone counting calories.  It is also super easy and super fast and uses only three ingredients.  Who doesn’t like fresh, edible roses? Happy Valentine’s Day The ingredients are simple – grape tomatoes, asparagus, … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day for $2-$5 on WJHL!

Valentine’s Day is Saturday.  Regardless of what you think about the day – everybody’s gotta eat.  So this week Effortless Girl was featured in a Valentine’s Day segment for WJHL News.  Watch as Julie shares treats with anchor Kylie McGivern that are simple and super affordable.  If you’re behind in the Valentine’s game, this is the … Continue Reading

Simple & Sooo Good Valentine’s Party Treats

Need an easy Valentine party idea that is fast and inexpensive?  Use my go to – chocolate dipped marshmallows.  These are a seasonal twist that give a nod to hearts and love.  By reusing materials I have used on the blog before and purchasing a bag of heart shaped marshmallows, I made a fun and … Continue Reading

I Heart Chocolate Brownies!

Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year when it’s okay to eat as much chocolate as you want (yesssss)!  So, chocolate brownies combined with a dab of frosting combined with a seasonal heart shape is the perfect treat.  It’s a Valentine’s Brownie Sandwich.  As an extra perk, this treat is easy … Continue Reading