December Book Club – It’s a Sweet Treat!

There is just something magical about a gingerbread house.  They make me think of fairy tales and childhood, and making them is so much fun.  It’s like creating an edible memory!  Of course, most who’ve attempted making a gingerbread house know that they can be a lot of work.   As for me, I have … Continue Reading

And the Winner Is….

Drum Roll please…..The winner of this week’s giveaway of a prize pack from Stuff’N Mallows is Effortless Girl reader LorahEYoung!  Our lucky reader wins a holiday gift box full of delicious marshmallow goodness.  Stuff’N Mallows are addictive!  Be sure to visit Stuff’N Mallows on Facebook and Twitter.  They are offering free shipping just in time for the holidays so … Continue Reading

Tips for Staying Well When the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Tis the season for parties, decorations, delicious foods….and raging head aches, sniffles, and upset tummies.  Ugh, the cold and flu season is upon us.  I get germ paranoid as soon as the weather gets cold; I do not want to get sick.  I repeat, I do not want to get sick.  So this year I … Continue Reading

Watch Effortless Girl on WCCB Rising Christmas Eve Edition!

Calling all Effortless Girls!  Please join us in watching Charlotte’s WCCB News Rising for a special Christmas Eve morning show featuring Effortless Girl’s Julie.  She will present simple tips for Christmas fun.  The segment will air during the 8 am hour on Christmas Eve.  If you live outside WCCB’s viewing area, check out Rising streaming online here. … Continue Reading