We All Scream for Julie’s Ice Cream Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce another delicious giveaway.  Summer is all about ice cream and I eat it by the pound, box, or entire container.  I don’t need your judgement.  The great folks at Julie’s Organic Ice Cream are giving Effortless and Exquisite readers a chance to win a gift basket full of free ice cream, goodies, … Continue Reading

Peter Pan, Potty Training, and PTSD….

It’s the time of year when families all over the country pack their suitcases, stuff the car full of flotation devices, and set off on the yearly vacation.  When I was little, my parents decided to do the same thing.  I was eleven, my sister Kelli was nine, my sister Bethany was four, and my … Continue Reading

Five Gorillianana Giveaway Winners – Yay!

Our Giveaway for Raefoods Muffins and Prize Packs ends today with a collective sigh, but excitement for the winners.  I am excited for you because the muffins are so, so good.  Thanks to Raefoods for creating delicious and nutritious products and sharing them with Effortless and Exquisite readers!  Congratulations to our FIVE winners!! The Prize! … Continue Reading