It’s Your Fault Ladies, Because You’re Crazy

How many times in your life have you been called crazy?  If you haven’t, close the page and move on – this article isn’t for you.  I’ll ask again, how often have you been called crazy?  This is not the fun, spontaneous crazy; but the psycho crazy that means you’re nuts.  For most women in … Continue Reading

Effortless Greeting Cards 101 for $1.01

I hate shopping for greeting cards.  There are so many to choose from and each one says almost the right thing…but not always.  By the time I read each one on the rack, I’m tired and indecisive.  The climbing prices for poetry on fancy paper are a bit of a deterrent also.   This year … Continue Reading

Gift Wrapping 101 for $1.01

Welcome to another installment in our series ‘101 for $1.01’ – Gift Wrapping!  I love receiving beautifully wrapped gifts as much as I love the present inside.  Spending time wrapping lovely presents adds a little something special to the gift.  My only problem is the cost of gift wrapping necessities. Bags, bows, ribbons, and paper … Continue Reading