Scents for No Cents Giveaway: Win a Candle Warmer and Candle Set

I’m EXCITED to announce this week’s giveaway courtesy of Candle Warmers Etc and City Creek Candles.  We are giving away one Aurora Candle Warming Lamp along with one (huge) candle from City Creek Candles to match the warmer!  Candle warmers are the latest rage in home decor.  Candle Warmers Etc has tons of decorative warmers to choose … Continue Reading

Maalox and Martinis – Tips for Battling Swimsuit Stress

Swimsuit season is coming soon.  I’m not trying to be like Paul Revere and gallop across the country side warning you of impending turmoil.  Nor am I running in circles like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling.  Although you know exactly what I’m talking about, we all share the same fear…summer’s greatest past time … Continue Reading

Snapchat Self Esteem: Is Our Superficial Society Causing Female Self Image to Disappear?

Open any fashion or fitness magazine lately and you see beautiful, impeccably groomed, thin, and fit women smiling perfectly back at you on every page.  Perhaps you will see a scantily dressed teenager with semi-circus clown makeup beckoning you to join her in the good life – if you only spritz yourself with a perfume … Continue Reading

Easter Egg-tastic Bunny Baskets

I love Easter for lots of reasons.  It signifies many celebratory events; the resurrection of Christ, the beginning of spring, color returning to the world following the dreary winter, and in America – candy.   The idea of children running around all cracked out on sugar is scary.  I’m about to gain a stepdaughter and … Continue Reading