And the Giveaway Winner Is….

The winner of the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Hot Chocolate Maker is Effortless and Exquisite Reader CandiB!  Congratulations!  Thanks to everyone that follows the blog and comments, reads, and participates in our contests.  Candi can look forward to lots of delicious hot cocoa, tea, and lattes!   Nostalgia Electrics Retro Hot Chocolate Maker CandiB, please contact … Continue Reading

Chocolate Souffle…The Easy Way

The word souffle intimidates me.  It reminds me of a smoking oven with a beeping fire detector or an uppity french restaurant with no crumbs on perfect white linens.  Sigh, but I really love souffles, especially chocolate…what’s a girl to do?  For Valentine’s weekend I decided to tackle the chocolate souffle – the Effortless and … Continue Reading

Exquisite Giveaway…Hot Chocolate Maker for Whipped Winter Cocoa

Calling all winter hermits trapped indoors – Effortless and Exquisite’s Giveaway this month is a Nostalgic Electrics Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker!  It’s the perfect way to beat the winter blahs with a steamy mug of creamy cocoa (with marshmallows).  This hot chocolate maker heats and whips beverages into steamy drinks in no time.  If … Continue Reading

Getting the Dress for Going to the Chapel

I’m not the girl that has dreamed of her wedding day her entire life.  I’d rather have a really good marriage than the perfect wedding day/shoes/cake.  So with that attitude, I set out to find a wedding gown that was perfect (enough) for my wedding.  I wanted something simple but elegant and something that was … Continue Reading