Effortless Hershey Bar Hot Chocolate

Tonight it is 4 degrees outside.  This is the air temperature and does not account for the wind chill.  The evening calls for a fluffy blanket, warm pajamas, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.  I was fortunate to have hot chocolate at the Knave at Le Parker Meridien during my visit to New York … Continue Reading

G for Gratitude

Life is funny sometimes.  There are periods of highs and lows that can be drastically different – and they can get better or worse quickly.  It is a tricky lesson to learn to be patient during the swings.  I think it is an even harder lesson to learn to remain upbeat if life is going … Continue Reading

Effortless Yoga to Jump Start the New Year

Today Effortless and Exquisite’s yoga expert, Megan Hively, shares strengthening and lengthening yoga to do at home.  Start the new year off energized and healthy!  Thanks Megan!                                             A lot of the activity we … Continue Reading

New Year, New Me?

I haven’t written one post since before Christmas.  The holiday season is busy for everyone, I wish it would last longer like maybe spread it out over several months instead of basically one.  I’d like more time to linger over dinners, spend time with friends and family that I almost never see, and be more … Continue Reading