Effortless Hair Care

I love washing my hair everyday.  I love the feeling of clean hair and the knowledge that my hair is squeaky clean.  My hair has always been very fine but freaky curly in weird places, has body in places, and straight in others.  If I don’t blow dry after washing, I look like I’ve been … Continue Reading

Exquisite Winter Faces – Effortless Makeup to Match Beautiful Hair Part 2

We call them makeup tricks for a reason.  Makeup can be tricky to apply and quite the challenge to properly accentuate features without being too little or too much.  During the winter months, my skin turns dry and pale and I sometimes feel gross no matter what makeup I wear.  So, I asked makeup artist … Continue Reading

Exquisite Winter Hair – Ethereal Style You Can Do At Home Part 1

 I love dressing up for parties.  Fancy hair and makeup paired with a great dress or the perfect piece of jewelry is fun to wear for a night on the town.  However, along with the time spent staring at my closet in a I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear trance, I sometimes find myself stumped on what to do with … Continue Reading

Effortless Ten Minute Candle Holders

While shopping for decorative elements for my table at Christmas dinner, I saw several candle holders that I loved.  The theme this year is a rustic table incorporating nature with light.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on candle holders and the retail price points I saw were more than I wanted to spend.  … Continue Reading