Effortless Sweet Bread (So easy your husband can bake while you sleep)!

Some mornings you just want to sleep a little longer.  The kids are up running around and your husband is scratching his head about breakfast.  A few more minutes of sleep in a warm bed is all you need to ease yourself into the day.  Well…Here is an extremely simple yet delicious breakfast recipe that … Continue Reading

Effortless Gardening with Gwen – Indoor Herbs for Holiday Dishes

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for blessings, spending time with loved ones, and food.  Eating is one of my favorite activities.  I love tasting new and delicious food and Thanksgiving equals delicious food.  An essential part of making yummy dishes is the perfect blend of herbs and spices.  Fresh herbs are my favorite way to add that special … Continue Reading

Effortless 15 Minute Party Hair with Heather

Now that the holiday season is upon us, everyone is busy dashing through the snow from event to event.  Women around the globe will go from work to party with little time in between.  So the ultimate dilemma is how to look great in under 20 minutes as some of our partners honk the horn from the … Continue Reading

Effortless and Exquisite Year Round Wreaths

Each year my list of Christmas gift recipients grows.  I love adding new friends and loved ones to my list, but my bank account does not.  Holiday shopping can feel like a cross between the spin cycle on the washing machine and a pressure cooker.  You are bounced around the stores and squeezed in the … Continue Reading