Exquisite Edibles: An Effortless Conversation With Treat Me Sweet

I love all things sweet.  I love cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, ice cream, and I recently discovered the newest baked craze – the macaron.  I get it that my habit isn’t healthy or calorie conscious, so I don’t need any judgement.  Macarons are basically two colorful cake-like cookies with creamy filling to stick them together.  They … Continue Reading

An Effortless and Exquisite Floral Moment with Callista Designs

Some people study to learn a craft while a chosen few are born with boundless creativity and phenomenal skill.  It’s really not fair.  Janna Avery is one of those naturally talented people that if she wasn’t so nice, we’d gossip about her.  Callista Designs is the floral design company owned by Janna.  Janna mixes quirky with traditional arrangements and adds a few take-your-breath pieces to make … Continue Reading

Effortless Fashion: Fall Trends with Stylist Nisha Evoy

I sometimes have nothing to wear…well that isn’t actually true but I sometimes struggle with putting clothes together to find that just right look.  Fashion Stylist Nisha Evoy does not have that problem.  She became a stylist twelve years ago after Lucky Magazine inspired a passion for fashion.  Nisha counts Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie … Continue Reading

An Effortless and Exquisite Moment with Gabrielle von Heyking Photographie

Lights, Camera, wait, is my dress just right? Does my hair look funny?  I struggle uncomfortably with myself just before the button clicks.  My standard pose is rolling my eyes upward while inwardly grimacing, hoping the shot won’t be completely bizarre.  Some people are so photogenic and look fabulous in photos and other people end … Continue Reading