Effortless Economics: Tips to Make Coupons Work for You

Perhaps it’s the economic downturn or maybe shoppers in droves are realizing how much money can be saved – but coupons are the hottest new shopping accessory.  Binders full of coupons sit atop grocery carts as the status symbol of the savvy shopper.  I was taught to bargain shop and use coupons by my mother as a young … Continue Reading

An Effortless Yoga Pose to End a Long Day

Megan Hively knows yoga.  I know this because I took her class several weeks ago.  The class was excellent,  just difficult enough but gave ample time for proper stretching.  I was sore the next day in the good, I exercised my body and feel it, kind of way. She impressed me with the flow of the class and … Continue Reading

My Exquisite Day on the Bethenny Frankel Show

This is not your average Effortless and Exquisite post because the day I’m going to describe is not your average day.  Certain ones we remember our entire lives.  This was one of those days.  It is still extremely surreal and I feel very blessed.  I will give you some of the background details and then the story.                           … Continue Reading

Ronald McDonald House of New York City: The House that Love Built

Life is sometimes difficult.  I want my blog to be a helpful, witty read for everyone who visits.  I also want to talk about things in life that are substantive and even hard to write about.   Fourteen years ago my brother Robby had brain cancer at age 11.  Our family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City … Continue Reading